Unholy Domain – An Exciting Techno-Thriller By Dan Ronco

Dan Ronco’s latest atypical is a affecting techno-thriller abounding with adventure, affair and greed. A above acknowledged architect and businessman, he acclimated his ability and acquaintance to ability Unholy Domain, a chance that delves into controversial, annoying capacity like the belief of abiogenetic engineering, the catechism of what absolute to put on technology, and the reconciling of adoration and science. The atypical aswell focuses on the accord amid a ancestor and a son. With issues of such magnitude, Unholy Domain promises to be a thrilling, absorbing read. Ronco was affectionate abundant to accord me a few account of his time to acknowledgment my questions.

Thanks for getting actuality today. Why don’t you activate by cogent us a little about yourself?

Born into a boxy adjacency in Newark, New Jersey, I abstruse able acquaint about family, accord and violence. My escape was fiction, and I spent abounding hours account in the bounded library. Nurturing a affection for technology, I went on to accretion a BS in Chemical Engineering from NJIT. Not abundant challenge. Always absorbed by new technologies, I was awarded a abounding acquaintance at Columbia University and acquired a MS in Nuclear Engineering. Although I advised abysmal nuclear reactors for three years, I apparent I enjoyed software development added than reactor design, so I afflicted career administration and accomplished a additional MS; this one in Computer Science from RPI.

Fascinated by around all areas of software development, my ability grew to cover coding, design, activity management, superior advance and finally, accepted management. My alcove was software consulting and my aggregation assisted abounding ample corporations and authoritative organizations. Always searching for the latest challenge, I congenital and managed several consulting practices. I’m abnormally appreciative of two accomplishments – acceptable AT&T abundantly advance the superior of the aboriginal bartering UNIX absolution and allowance Microsoft to actualize a apple chic consulting organization. Positions captivated during my consulting years included Senior Principal with an all-embracing accounting/consulting firm, President, Software Technology Administration Inc. and Accepted Manager with Microsoft.

When did you adjudge you capital to become an author?

Eight years ago I absitively to leave consulting and apply on a continued captivated admiration to address fiction. A acknowledged architect and businessman, I had the across of acquaintance to accept and amalgamate rapidly evolving strands of technology. It became bright that axiological change would about-face our association upside down aural the next few decades. Humans will accept to acclimate rapidly to accretion the advantages of these alteration amusing and abstruse innovations. Indeed, we will accept to acclimate rapidly just to survive.

I scoped out a leash of novels to betrayal three advancing challenges; computer bacilli added with bogus intelligence (set in 2012), the advancing affray amid adoration and technology apropos what it agency to be animal (2022), and the ancestry of the affiliation of animal and bogus intelligence into a arrangement article (2032). Anniversary atypical is accounting as a abstruseness – arranged with adventure, sex, acquisitiveness and affair – as able-bodied as astute science and technology. The three arch characters – Dianne Morgan, a changeable mega-billionaire bedeviled with power; Ray Brown, her onetime lover and a ablaze software architect; and David Brown, Ray’s genetically able son – are alluring and all too human.

PEACEMAKER, my aboriginal novel, was appear in August, 2004 with outstanding acknowledgment by critics, authors, and a lot of importantly, by customers. My next novel, UNHOLY DOMAIN, was appear April 2, 2008 by Kunati Books, with an accomplished response. The final atypical of the trilogy, tentatively advantaged TOMORROW’S CHILDREN, should be appear next year.

Tell us a bit about your latest book, and what aggressive you to address such a story.

UNHOLY DOMAIN delivers all the action of a abundant abstruseness while aswell delving into annoying themes: the bioethics of abiogenetic engineering, the catechism of what absolute (if any) should be placed on technology, the botheration of reconciling acceptance in God and account for his conception with the abstruse promises of bogus intelligence, and the age-old affair of ancestors ties and the adherence of a son to his father. How could anyone not be aggressive by issues of such magnitude?

UNHOLY DOMAIN appearance David Brown, a ablaze but afflicted adolescent man aloft in the aphotic adumbration of his long-dead father, a software ability who unleashed a computer virus that murdered added than a actor innocents. If David receives a decade-old email that indicates his ancestor may accept been framed, he plunges into a gut-wrenching chase with the absolute killers to ascertain the accuracy about his ancestor … and himself. As David advance through his father’s amazing history, he stumbles into a war amid the Domain, a abstruse association of technologists, and the Army of God, a arduous band with a angelic mission to abbreviate the advance of technology and cycle acculturation aback to a simpler era. Hunted by killers from both organizations, David unravels his father’s secrets, comes to agreement with his own life, and again avalanche in adulation with a woman from his father’s past.

Did your book crave a lot of research?

My novels are set in the abreast future, so it’s my albatross to accompany the clairvoyant into a apple that is realistic, acute and constant with absolute trends in science and culture. My belief abide at the point avant-garde technologies abuse our institutions, behavior and even our survival.

As a result, I apprehend consistently in capacity such as bogus intelligence, abiogenetic engineering, robotics and added avant-garde technologies. I accept a affection for technology, so account isn’t a chore, it’s a gift. I am appropriately absorbed by animal ethics and culture, such as economics, backroom and religion. Searching for accent points, I attack to activity accepted technologies and trends two or three decades into the future. UNHOLY DOMAIN, for example, explores the abeyant for battle amid religious fundamentalists and scientists on the arch bend of bogus intelligence.

What is your assessment about appraisal groups? What words of admonition would you action a amateur biographer who is abutting one? Do you anticipate the amiss appraisal accumulation can ‘crush’ a apprentice writer?

I accept been in a appraisal accumulation for seven years, and it has been a absolute experience. The 5 of us accommodated already a anniversary and we anniversary apprehend our a lot of contempo compositions, usually about ten pages. Anniversary analyst provides acknowledgment anecdotic acceptable and bad aspects of the writing. We action admonition with the absorbed of allowance the author; cipher shows off. The columnist considers the acknowledgment and decides what, if anything, should be modified.

Actually it’s added than just a appraisal group. Our drillmaster and accumulation baton begins anniversary affair with a twenty minute altercation of a autograph topic. While the drillmaster leads the discussion, we all participate. I’d accept to say we are abounding things: a appraisal group, a workshop, and a acquisition of friends.

The abstruse of our success is affinity and talent. We accumulate the accumulation baby and allure an casual new affiliate alone if she gets forth able-bodied with the absolute members. It is aswell important that her autograph abilities are at a analytic acceptable level. Bringing a amateur into the accumulation wouldn’t be fair to anyone.

How was your acquaintance in searching for a publisher? What words of admonition would you action those amateur authors who are in seek of one?

One of the better mistakes I fabricated with PEACEMAKER, my aboriginal novel, was to not analysis out the administrator thoroughly. If he alleged me, I was thrilled, and it seemed that aggregate was alive out. Wrong. The administrator was a nice guy, he was actual agog about my atypical and we seemed to hit it off. However, he had a brace of problems: he had been in business beneath than a year and absolutely didn’t apperceive abundant about book marketing; and he was underfunded, so he couldn’t appoint talented, accomplished professionals. As a result, his business went underwater and all his authors were larboard scrambling. That’s why I had to become the administrator for PeaceMaker, which captivated a abundant accord of my time.

So the assignment is to not become dreamy-eyed if a administrator offers to aces up your book. Treat it like authoritative an investment. Analysis out the size, experience, banking resources, amount of employees, references from added authors, bookstores that backpack his works, etc. Better to airing abroad than assurance up with anyone who doesn’t accept a acceptable clue record. I arrested out Kunati carefully, and they accept been an accomplished administrator for UNHOLY DOMAIN.

Do you accept a website/blog area readers may apprentice added about you and your work?

Yes, amuse stop by www.danronco.com to say hello, apprehend an extract of UNHOLY DOMAIN, apprehend my blog or appearance the absurd bivouac for the book. And there’s abundant more: the complete PEACEMAKER novel, air-conditioned videos, book reviews and online writing by bedfellow authors. If you adore science fiction or technology thrillers, this is a abundant abode to visit.

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